Friday, December 05, 2008

Little Knitted Things

Hi Knitters,
I've squeezed in a few little Christmas-y knitting items here and there. Those minutes I sit and wait for kids in my car really add up.
This is a sachet Christmas tree. It is about 4-5 inches tall. I filled it partially with lavender so it smells really good. Here is the pattern and the yarn is here. This was fast, fun and easy peasy.
I made up my own snowman. He is about 4 inches tall. Love him to death and I plan on making more in different sizes. Here is the pattern for the sno-buddy family. My pattern is in my head. I added arms with a couple of brown I-cords stuffed with pipe cleaners. They look like sticks and they bend. Perfect.
Here is a quick Santa Baby Ornament that I made while waiting for my daughter after school today. I strung it with white thread so it is ready to hang. Cute, cute at about 2 inches tall.
Can you spot the last tiny thing I made?
I made up a quick Pear Apple Cozy out the most beautiful yarn ever. It is a dk weight yarn and the name of it is Ginny. It is a gorgeous treat, all fresh and beautiful and fruity. I can't tell you how yummy the colors are in Ginny, rose, gold, peach, lime, light pink. 

To give you a hint at how I made my snowman, I used my cozy pattern and then instead of the ribbing for the head I decreased a little for the neck, then I increased a little for the head and then I closed it up on top. 

As for the cozies, I keep making them and giving them away and then I never have any around for myself. I really want to use my cozy to hold yarn cakes while I knit. I am determined to knit a bunch to keep around here for good.

Okay, I have some fantastic links for you. Take a peek.

I am ordering these straight away to add to my handknits. I love this simple idea so much.
I have the original one from Garnet Hill that my sister gave me, but now you can knit your own.
This is cool jewelry that I would love to own. 
These would be a dream come true to have at your fingertips while knitting.

Last but not least, my friend Dianne has opened her shop and it is incredible. Eat that yarn up quick! I can't wait to knit with my yarn from Dianne and then I can get some more. 

Oh, and one more, I had several people send me this link. I think it is funny that it reminded them of me in some way. Too fun.

Okay, that should keep you busy for awhile. I am the guest speaker at the Monday, Dec. 8th Madison Knitters Guild meeting. This should be fun but I need to get organized this weekend so I know what I am saying when I get there. Yeah, that would be good, right? 

It has been a crazy week with deadlines and now I just need to catch my breath for a moment.

From the knitter of little things, take care.
best, susie


Oiyi said...

LOVE the snowman and the mini pear apple cozy!! I have those Addi Clicks on my Christmas wishlist. Maybe I will get lucky.

Hege said...

The little snowman is so cute!

Pantha said...

Just found you! Thank you for all those links and patterns. I love making little things for Christmas. I looked at your December 2007 posts and thought you might like this -

I altered the pattern slightly to make them using two needles.

Jessica said...

Sorry another question from me...

It's Christmas...a yarn shop told me about the new Addi Click Turbo needle set...selling for 150.00.

Wondered if you have heard of these and if you think a new knitter that aspires to be a skilled knitter would utilize these needles? I have size 9, 11, 13 needles and the basic hat size circular needles posted in your book. So I am uncertain how much I would use the sizes of all of the needles or and if I would even use all of them. I was hoping as a skilled and seasoned knitter you might be able to tell me yay or nay.

Here is the link to the set in question:

The addi Click System provides 10 different sizes of addi Turbo™ tips, even sizes from US 4 (3.5mm) through US 15 (10mm), three different lengths of extremely pliable blue cord, 24", 32" and 40", and one connector piece to help store stitches or combine your cords. The Click tips require no tools to change; simply insert the cord deep into the tip, twist and release. The tips will remain secure until you change them.

Thanks Susan, I really appreciate and respect your opinion.


Nell said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!!!

Inspired Tokens said...

The little ornaments are adorable. And, I must say I love all of the 'gotta have it's' that you listed! I totally agree and will definetly go back to some of the suggestions. Especially the advent pattern and the sachet tree.

The Wool Cabin were I work started to carry the Addi-Click's. Imagine having to stare at the whole set the whole time one is at work. It's total torture.

Susan said...

I think the set would be wonderful to have for any level of knitter. I haven't tried these so I can't say first hand how they are to work with. I am going to get a set for sure, I can't wait.

I'd say go for it!

Katelyn said...

Hey just wanted to thank you for your wonderful links as usual. This time they didn't help just me though. I told a few customers who were looking for quick, quick, quick projects for Christmas using stash yarn. Everyone came in feeling bummed and broke and left much happier and with feasible plan. Everyone at Loop loves your ideas.

Anonymous said...

I love the snowman! At least he knows how to keep himself warm! :)

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