Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Surprise

Hi Knitters,
I had just returned from a tired trip to FedEx, where I shipped off some final projects to Minneapolis for photography and another package filled with a project for Parents magazine, when I heard my husband calling me. He called out, "There is a surprise here for you." It was all I could do to drag my knit-weary bones out to the living room. But to my surprise there was a month-old baby wearing a sweet pea hat I had knit for her. I got to hold her for a long time and it felt so good. I can't even say how much it made my hectic day to hold a newborn in a sweet pea hat. The. Best. Ever.
Isn't she a beauty? My next door neighbor's daughter is the mother and she and her husband have moved in with them for awhile. It is pretty exciting to have a new baby next door. What you can't see in these photos is the 5 little girls circling around drooling over the baby. That was the best. My daughters had 3 neighbor friends over and they could not get enough of the little sweet pea. They all had a chance to hold her and they were so excited. Girls love a baby, always.
I have had many emails from friendly knitters wanting to share some sort of tidbit or link lately. This photo was sent to me from Kathleen Ruttum. She sized up the Inca Snowflake hat from Itty-Bitty Hats for her daughter, Mary and her friend Katrina. These two beautiful young women are students at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Every winter break they go skiing and they wear these hats. Kathleen told me that they constantly get asked where they got their hats. How fun for Mary to be able to say, "My mom made it." Thanks for the photo and note, Kathleen. What a perfect example of how you can size up a pattern from itty-bitty.

Carla sent me this link, too cute. Thank you.
Renee sent me this link, love it. Thank you.
Craig sent me this link, love Craig and Viv, love his shop and I want to go back and stay there.

I am sending you this link. Store this one away for future reference to her free pattern. Here is another one I love. I still have that same feeling.

My podcast, The Itty Bitty Podcast, is available now in a couple of places. You can download it here or you can just listen on your computer. Also, it is up now on itunes under Itty Bitty Podcast or you can search for susanbanderson. Subscribe if you'd like, I'll have more coming soon. I will put up this new link at the top of my sidebar, too.

Now I have to hit the pattern writing road. Row 1: knit...Row 2: purl...Row 3: where's my candy?
best, susie


Inspired Tokens said...

How sweet is that? A new little baby in a sweet pea hat. I've been instructed by Dear Daughter to make up a few Itty-Bitty Hats for a co-worker who is having a little girl early next year. Totally have to include this one! Isn't it wonderful how we can be having a very hectic and wiery day and then suddenly something magical appears to wash it all away!?

Kathleen said... I think my daughter is pretty dang beautiful...but I gotta say it, that baby is PRECIOUS! I think I ovulated just looking at that picture. Hum, no wonder I had four...just like you...right. Thanks for the shout out for the girls. Love your books, love your blog. When are you coming to Baltimore, Annapolis or D.C.???

Alison Boon said...

Nothing beats a itty bitty baby girl, unless it's a itty bitty baby boy. What a great treat for you.

Dianne said...

So cute. Nothing sweeter than that new baby smell and the feel of that fuzzy little head nestled on your shoulder. We'll have a new itty-bitty baby boy in our family come January. I need to get knitting on a blue pea-pod hat.

peaknits said...

How nice to see your work in "action" so to speak! And to get to hold a baby - nice. I listened to your podcast on the train last night - it inspired me to dig out my Weekend Knits - and wonder - how on earth did knitting get into 9 1/2 weeks?! :)