Friday, September 05, 2008

Chicken Scratches

Hi Knitters,
As I was cleaning through my bookshelves yesterday I ran across this beautiful, well-written article by Carma Wadley for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City. Carma kindly sent me a copy of the paper. This was from Nov. 12, 2007 and was photographed when I visited The Wool Cabin last fall for my book tour. That was one of my favorite stops ever, by the way. The reason I am bringing this up again? Well, I fondly glanced over the article and the lovely photos taken at the shop when I noticed something on the page....
...someone, who shall remain nameless, scribbled their math problem right on the top photo. That is hilarious to me. I really am laughing at how funny that is. Here your mom has this great article in a big newspaper and it is used as scrap paper for math. The scene is set, you are doing your homework and you can't find a scrap of paper to save your life so you scratch out, in pen, how many cans of soda 6 people would get if there were 8 sodas (4 would get 1 can and 2 would get 2 cans, fyi) directly on the top photo of your mom's article, not a hesitation involved. And scene. That's too good.

I actually didn't see the chicken scratches when I put the article away. I guess that teaches me that anything left on the counter is fair game for a quick math problem. I probably left it out thinking someone might enjoy looking at the article. I was mistaken.
On to the knitting, I am working on this lovely and simple two row scarf pattern. I saw this free stitch pattern for a scarf somewhere and scratched it down on a scrap (yes, I found a real, empty scrap of paper), and I wrote the name Merci scarf on the top. I have no recollection of where I found the pattern and I googled the Merci Scarf and didn't come up with anything. Does anyone remember seeing this somewhere? Let me know, otherwise I will write out the two rows for you if I don't find a link. It is fun, easy to memorize and it gives a crisp stitch pattern that doesn't roll at the edges and looks great from both sides. Keep me posted if you know anything.

*added later, thanks for the comment, Leslie. The Merci Scarf is here.
I couldn't let this hat get away. It's a beauty. I already started in some super old Donegal Tweed in a golden hue. It is an excellent pattern.
Across the street I found these hairy acorn caps scattered all over the ground. I love how there are so many types of acorns with different tops. I picked up as many as I could carry in my hands and we are pretty excited about the fact that there is a double and a triple header in the bunch. My daughter made these up last night to add to our collection of felty acorns. The knitted Acorns a la Betz already were given to a teacher to start out the fall season. I'll have to make some more.

Have you seen this new site? Check it out for some great, free patterns. I already printed this one out. La-la-love it.

Take care, Knitters. Is it really Friday already? Can't be true.
best, susie


Anonymous said...

the pattern is on

love your color.


Dianne said...

It's so hard to get respect in your own house! Of course, you know your kids are proud of you, but mostly they just know you're their mom first and that "knitting star" second!

Marsha said...

Thanks for putting up the link for the Merci scarf pattern. That blue yarn you're using is one of my favorite colors. My passion is bead knitted purses (or any kind of purses). As a matter of fact, I'm giving one away during my Halloween contest. Have you ever done any of that? P.S. - I love reading your emails.

Marsha (

Sara in WI said...

When I was still teaching, I had an article published in an education magazine....a Very big deal for me, too. One night I came home to a big ring from a McD's shake on the cover right over my name. Doesn't matter at all anymore.

I love your projects, especially the acorns. They are adorable. Leave it to Betz! And thanks for the link to the 2 row Merci pattern. It looks super fun!

Melissa said...

Oh I do hope you'll post the pattern, it sounds like just what I need for some new car knitting, and I've got the perfect yarn for it! :-) ....Melissa (SewBendy Melissa)

Susan said...

Hi Melissa,
I added the link to the post for the scarf. It is on the site.

It is the perfect car knitting project.
p.s. loooove the pea bag!!!!

Caryn said...

What yarn are you using for the scarf?

Susan said...

The scarf is in Farmhouse Yarns, Mary's little lamb light worsted in True Blue.

It is wonderful and the blue is gorgeous, I can't get it to photograph quite right.

Hope that helps.

Wool Winder said...

Funny story. I guess no one reads the paper anymore. At least they were doing their homework.

iHanna said...

Love the math-story! It's like that in my family too. I do something I think is HUGE but others nearby don't get it at all. That's why I like blog-friends! :-)

Love your acorns - too cute!

Tif said...

I am totally laughing about the math problem on the newspaper. My kids would do that too! :)

Caryn said...

how many skeins do you use of the mary had a little lamb?

Susan said...

You only need one skein for the Merci Scarf. I think one skein has 450 yards or something like that.