Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trip Finale Plus

Hi Knitters,
Are you up for one last look at our summer trip? I hope so. My brother lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area so we ended our trip at his house, which is beautiful by the way. He lives on a quiet street in a big house so it felt wonderful after the crowded streets and hotels. We mainly hung out and visited with our families but we did make one journey downtown to see the monuments. On the way to the monuments we walked by the house where Abe Lincoln died and the theater where he was shot was right across the street. I hadn't seen that before and it really made you stop and think about that history from so long ago. It is hard to imagine the times during that period of history. Everything was so small in size, the buildings I mean, but the Lincoln monument is massively impressive when you are up close.
It is a sight to behold.
The Vietnam Memorial Wall is by far the most moving monument to me. I don't know what it is about that wall that brings me to tears, it surely isn't the fanciest or prettiest. As you are walking it is like the world gets really quiet the farther down the wall you go, silence surrounds you. Seeing the staggering list of names of the people who died hits you like a ton of bricks but it is the trinkets and notes that are left by loved ones that gets me every time. You see how personal and current is still remains. On the bottom of one list of names there was a simple little note left in the gutter. Scribbled on that scrap of paper it just said, "I love you." I get so sad just thinking about it.
It was a perfect day as the sky was overcast with only one brief and light shower along the way. The temp and humidity were not high and the crowds were surprisingly small. It is a memorable journey and a somber journey at times as you think about all of the people who have paid so much for our country.
On a lighter note, on the way to the monuments we went to Georgetown where I ran across this little gem of a yarn shop, Stitch DC. They have three locations in the D.C. area. What a cute little shop to stumble upon.
The young woman working was helpful and friendly and cute. It is a wonderful little space with some fun yarns. It seemed they had a lot of Karabella, Debbie Bliss and O Wool.
I especially like seeing this on the shelf when I walked in. That makes you feel good:)
I bought this scrumptious and huge skein of Mary's Little Lamb Light Worsted in True Blue. It has 450 yards and is by Farmhouse Yarns. I love the gentle color and I am planning on making some sort of cabled scarf out of it eventually. I ran across this array of free cabled scarf patterns (scroll down) you may want to check out. What a plethora of patterns from this wonderful designer.

Here are a couple more cool links I have been thinking about. I am making that sweater (from the first link) and I think I have the yarn in my stash for it, more later. If you have the magazine then you will know what I am talking about when I say that passed that sweater right by at first. Then when I saw the photos from the designers blog, I can't get it out of my head. What a fantastic creation. The other link is another great new resource you may want to visit. There are some interesting patterns here.
I know this is getting long but I want to finish by sharing my daughter's altered book. She had so much fun with this project. Here are some of the pages:
This page features glitter and a working zipper. When you open the zipper you see she wrote, "Happy Days," and glued two little buttons on either side, very cheerful.
I love this because you can make the horse move by pulling on the sucker stick on the side. It's an action feature.
Cheeky monkey!
You have to have a blue bird, sun with a smiley face and a big ol' tree, always.
This book is now featured on display in our living room for all to see.

Have a super weekend, Knitters. I hope it's a good one.
best, susie


summersandco said...

Hi there Susan,
I just wanted to tell your daughter that I LOVE her book! I think it is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. What a wonderful experience growing up in a creative environment! I'm a little jealous! Have a great week!

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures I enjoyed them.
Have a good weekend

peaknits said...

The altered book takes my breath away - I am enamored with altered things, and this book - wow, give that daughter a hug from me please! Glad you enjoyed your trip - what a great family adventure!

Peggy said...

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is look up and see new yarn shops. Thanks for sharing!

Inspired Tokens said...

Oh soooooo many beautiful delights that you are sharing today! I love your daughters artistic abilities ...her book is stunning! I also want her to know that it is just the best thing in the world being tall. I towered over everyone through all of my school years ...I know proudly tell everyone I'm 5'9"! It's a great thing!

Your visit to DC looks fantastic. I one day hope to visit there see all the historical sites. And ...the little knit shop! Just my cup of tea. I could get lost in a place like that.
What vacation time would be without a trip to a local yarn shop!?!

lindagerig said...

such a talented daughter . I love her altered book. linda gerig

Alison Boon said...

The book is just the best thing I've seen in ages. Goodies galore int his post.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures!
Have to say, I love your bag/back pack--where did you find it?


geramyum said...

I just finished another project from your itty-bitty nursery book! My very favorite knitting book. Come look at the pictures. I also linked your blog. Thank you for your fun patterns. Next project - cupcake hat and mittens.

Anonymous said...

You're daughter is very artistic and lucky to have an equally artistic mom who encourages her creativity!

Every American needs to go to DC at least once in their lifetime. You will never be the same again. We went 12 years ago. It's on my list to go back someday soon. It was a whirlwind trip and we didn't get to do the Washington Monument or all of the Smithsonian but the highlights for me were the most patriotic ones - Vietnam Wall (I was probably in jr. high when the boy who lived across the street from us died in Viet Nam and I was able to see his name), Arlington National Cemetery and the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown. The added bonus is when we watch movies with some of those landmarks (Forrest Gump & Murder at 1600) it's fun to say you've been there!! Another great sidetrip was Fredricksburg, VA.

Courtney said...

your daughter's creation is absolutely amazing - and I am very picky about these things.

The Cascio Whirlwind said...

I love the altered book! And I really love the silk ribbon that you used in the rectangle baby set from Itty Bitty Nursery!! Do you happen to remember what the color was of the ribbon. I have found a site that sells it, but I want to get exactly what you used. My creativity is so limited!