Monday, July 21, 2008

Baggin' It

Hi Knitters,
I can't for the life of me get my son to sit and get my Little Wagon Hat loaded up and ready to go. I am now hoping that toward the end of the week we will find a moment. Thanks for the kind response on the new pattern. It's coming soon, I promise.

Another quick thing, I have been asked quite a few times about the picture at the top of my blog. That is the Cupcake hat and the Garden Mice both patterns from Itty-Bitty Nursery. My older daughter took this picture at Lakeside Fibers last fall on a book signing stop. The photo is slightly distorted to fit in the designated spot but I kind of like it like that. Thanks for asking.

I had a productive week last week. I finished up another book project and I started another project I am designing for Blue Sky Alpacas. They are a fun yarn company, I am getting the feeling. They are letting me loose and I love that. It is a toy project, on the big side in size, and that is always a good thing. Also this morning I sent off a couple of project ideas to Parents magazine. We'll see what comes of that.
I am working on another Anne scarf in Lorna's Laces Worsted wool and it is a pretty lovely yarn, incredibly soft. I had a couple questions about getting the pattern. It is by MK Carroll and I just followed the link off of hello yarn. Other than that I don't know much more about where to purchase it.
Now on to some excellent bags I am enjoying. The sunflower bag is another cute one I purchased from the sweet ladies at SewBendy. I know I have said it before but I can't tell you how much I am enjoying these little wrist-let bags. They are just perfect for projects like this scarf, for example. SewBendy is really onto something good here and if you have any inkling or you need a gift idea for someone, go to it. You won't be disappointed. You know I have even had a couple of husbands of knitters email me asking for gift suggestions and this is my new go-to-gift. That's kind of cute about the husbands, right? Every time I am out and about with these bags I get asked about where I got them. That is a tell-tale sign.

Oh my goodness, I just looked at the SewBendy shop and they have some new bags up. I love the aviary bag and the French trellis bag. If you don't buy those I may have to:) Go quick.
Here is another fabulous gift idea for yourself or for someone else. These are new canvas printed bags from Kristin Nicholas. Not only is she a fantastic fiber artist she is also one of my favorite painters. There are many styles that you can view here. Not all of the designs are knitting related, although some are definitely for the knitter. Along with the bags she has printed mugs. I hope she sells her prints at some point (hint, hint, Kristin). I would love to get a couple to hang on my walls.
The bags are printed on the front and back. The paintings are colorful and gorgeous just like everything Kristin does.
I am forever an admirer of Kristin and I hope to get new people to follow her fantastic artistic career. You know what the best thing about Kristin is? She is as kind and giving with her talent and knowledge as you could ever hope. I have only known her personally for a brief while but I have been a long-time fan and meeting her has only solidified my loyalty. She has generously offered advice to me at least a couple of times. That is hard to find in this business because I don't know anybody else in the knitting industry and with her years of experience to boot. She is a rarity.

I hope she sells a ton of bags and mugs because her artwork deserves to be spread around and enjoyed. I am keeping a couple extra bags on hand for gifts and I am using a couple myself, of course.

Best of all, both of these bags types are easy on the pocketbook which is always nice.
Monday, Monday, Knitters.
best, susie


EditorMom said...

Thank you for yet another thoughtful, sweet, and inspiring post. I love your projects, but I also read your blog because your posts always renew my faith in the human spirit and the importance of kindness toward others.

Susan said...

Your comment makes made me tear up big-time.
Thank you.

Wool Winder said...

I am so tempted to buy a Sew Bendy bag. You're wearing me down. :-)

KnittingKnirvana said...

Thank you for introducing me to Kristin's paintings. I had no idea she was also a painter. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of Kristin's designs and painting either. I've been following her blog for a long time. I'd love to meet her someday and have a cuppa. Maybe we could go out there together!

Melissa said...

I got so tickled to see your post today - what a fun surprise! We're so thrilled that you've been pleased with the bags you've bought and just can't thank you enough for showing them off. We really love what we're doing and it's so cool to hear that other people are too. Thanks!!

Inspired Tokens said...

I love the new scarf. I have that pattern and want to make one of these so bad. It's just that I have so many UFO's right now I actually think I'm seeing tiny space people hanging out around them to see if they will ever get finished.

I love 'Sew Bendy'. Her bags are adorable. Have a happy week ahead ...I'll try to get some of those UFO's cleared up.

barb :0) said...

Hi Susan,
Your post was wonderful :0)
I also wanted to thank you so much for the tutorials that you do !! I wanted to add asprout to the top of a hat I was making and was not quite sure when I remembered you did a tutorial on that very thing !!!! I watched it and went it and finished the cutest hat ever !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!

Lacey said...

Mk Carroll has the pattern for sale at Etsy:

Susan said...

There you go. Thanks, Lacey. When I think about it I realized that hello yarn linked through ravelry so if you are not on ravelry you are out of luck.

MK Carroll also has a blog where you can find the pattern at:

thanks again,

Anonymous said...

The Queen Anne Scarf pattern is available at: Wait a few seconds and a huge list of patterns will come up, then scroll almost all the way down to 'Fashion Scarves' then go down to Queen Anne's Lace which will take you to another link that has the pattern.

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Susan:

Thanks so much for your kind words and for writing about my bags. Hope you and your family are having a fabulous summer!