Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rosebud Cardigan Pattern

Hi Knitters,
It's finally ready, the Rosebud Cardigan pattern! I am so glad to be able to offer this sweet cardigan to you. I have received more requests for this pattern than anything else I have ever designed. The bear on page 81 in Itty-Bitty Hats was sent to the photographer as kind of an afterthought to be used as background material. The response to the bear in the rosebud cardigan has been a huge surprise to me. I have been promising this pattern for months and it is finally here. I love it that knitters quickly express what they are interested in knitting, it helps to know. Here are the details:

To fit a medium-sized teddy bear or an 18-inch doll or an American Girl doll

2 skeins Rowan Handknit Cotton in Black
Small amounts of Tahki Cotton Classic for the rosebuds and leaves (the exact colors are listed in the pattern in detail)

US size 7 needles
US size 7 double-pointed needles
US size 4 double-pointed needles
The cardigan fits perfectly on my daughter's American Girl doll, too.
This teddy bear I purchased from a Michael's Craft store years ago. He still looks good as new. Well, knitters, have fun with this and I hope to see some pictures of your Rosebud Cardigans. The pattern is available for purchase, just click on the buy now button below.
best, susie


peaknits said...

The cardigan is adorable. My dauighter is getting her first large American Girl for Christmas, hmmm. The little on is getting Bitty Baby - they are so wonderful! I may just have to grab up on this sweet little sweater! Thank you!

Knitterella said...

That cardigan is adorable! So glad to see you got some paypal action going on on your site too!

The Sassy Librarian said...

This cardigan is SOOO beautiful - I'm knitting the hat right now (I have both your books and have knitted lots of wonderful things from them for friends with babies). Before I buy the cardigan pattern, would you say that the pattern as is would probably fit a newborn? A good friend of mine just had a baby girl, appropriately named Rose, and I thought a set of the hat and sweater would be a wonderful gift. Thanks also for your amazing blog - I've been spending hours reading and watching the tutorials!!

Susan said...

Hi Sassy Librarian,
The cardigan would definitely fit a newborn. Since the cardigan basically has no shaping it would also be very easy to add inches onto the back, fronts and sleeves.
Thanks for the nice comment.

dyproctor3 said...

The Sweater patten is so adorable-now, do you have the pattern for the baby shoes on page 81 of your itty-bitty hats book? I have all of the yarn to make the hat but I want to do the booties too. They are so sweet-love the entire book. Thanks for your creativity.

Susan said...

You're in luck, the booties are a free pattern on my sidebar called, pg. 81 booties. I received so many requests for this pattern so I decided to offer it as a free one.
Have fun,

dyproctor3 said...

I can't believe I did not notice the free pattern when looking at your website-but I was involved reading everything else-it is a gorgeous site and I love seeing your precious children-esp. your son as a zebra for Halloween. Can't wait to make the "pg. 81 booties" -you are so sweet to share your patterns. Thank you so much. Bama (dyproctor3)