Sunday, October 07, 2007

Travel Update

Hi Knitters,

I want to give people a quick head's up for my upcoming stops just in case you can come out to see me along the way. Some of the times have been changed and a few things have been added.

Wednesday morning (tomorrow) I am doing a radio interview from home for a Little Rock program. I don't know anything more about that. Then I fly out to Dayton, Ohio.

In Dayton, OH on Thursday, Oct. 11th I am doing a series of tv/radio spots some are live and some are taped:
WXIX-TV 19 in the Morning 8:10am (live)
WRRS-FM Cover to Cover (taped show)
INC-6 Northern Kentucky Magazine 10:05am (live)
WCPO-TV 9 Noon News (taped segment)

Then I arrive at the Books & Co. at the Greene where I am scheduled to do a signing/trunk show from 12-2pm. At this same time a knitting group that regularly meets at the store will be there. It is, of course, open for anyone else who wants to show up, bring your knitting or not, your choice. I will bring my suitcase filled with an itty bitty trunk show and I can do some demo stuff and answer questions. I hope to keep it really casual so wander on by if you are in the area.

On Friday Oct. 12th I am in Plano, Texas. I am basically at the Woolie Ewe all day starting at 10:00am. There is a class then a book signing and trunk show. I fly out later that afternoon to Lexington.

In Lexington I have a book signing on Saturday, Oct. 13th at the beautiful Joseph-Beth Booksellers from 2-4pm. I was there last year and loved it. What a beautiful book store. I am hoping to make it over to Magpie Yarns before the event for a quick visit.

Last, but not least, I am in Little Rock on Sunday, Oct. 14th, for the queen of all charity hat knitting events, Knitting for Noggins. Last year I think they raised close to 20,000 handknit and crocheted hats for their organization. It literally became a worldwide effort. At the last event I gave a brief presentation that was webcast on the Arkansas Children's Hospital website. I don't know if this is happening again but last year my family was over at my mom's house and they gathered around to watch the event live, as it happened. I loved that. I even snuck in a "hi, mom" at one point. That was fun. Anyway, I am speaking at 2:20 for a short bit and the site is here if you happen to be hanging around your computer at that time.

Well, I have to pack and get to bed. That schedule makes me tired just looking at it. Hopefully I'll see some of you out and about.
best, susie


Denise said...

Oh I wish I could make it to Plano, but it being Friday I can't even attempt it what with daughter in school and hubby at work:( But... I shall console myself with the fact that I have your wonderful IBN book FINALLY in my hands tonight - yay! Posty finally delivered it today.
Have a super safe week on your travels.
Hugs Denise

Jennifer said...

Hey Susan! Congrats on the new book. I just got my hands on a copy and LOVE it! When will you be in Grand Rapids? I want to let Press readers know about your visit and make sure I don't miss it myself. Send me details, please. Cheers! - Jennifer

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood said...

Hi Susan. Love the new book. Congrats! When will you be in Grand Rapids? Send me details so I can let GR Press readers know and make plans to attend myself. Cheers! Jennifer

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi, i just found your blog and just wanted to say how lovely it is, i gotta get my hands on those books!! i love the pink hat at the top for your header, is this in your books?
Sarah xx

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Susie, best wishes for all your travels! I am so disappointed--I had planned on coming to The Woolie Ewe Friday, but now I can't. Stupid toe. :) I hope all goes well and that you get some rest when you get home!

Carrie said...

I am SO excited to find your blog! I taught myself to knit just six months ago using your hat book. And oh my goodness, the new book looks so sweet.

Wibke said...

Hi Susan!
I just got your new book yesterday! It´s so gorgeous. I really love it.
Have a save journey.
Greetings from Germany, Wibke.

Pam said...

Welcome home, Susan. As you can see, there are some other fellow "stalkers" from Plano out there besides me. Susan, we can't thank you enough for coming to the Woolie Ewe. You made many hearts sing and now they all want to form the "Susan B. Anderson Knitting Club." How grand is that?

We look forward to the future times to share you with even more folks at the Woolie Ewe. Thank you again.