Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Thank You Knitting Tree

Hi Knitters,
I'd like to thank The Knitting Tree and Jackie Shanahan for a lovely afternoon in her beautiful little shop. She has great display areas in the shop and we took full advantage. She has whipped that store into a treat of a spot. It is adorable in there.
I lugged in (really my sister lugged in) my enormous suitcase filled with itty bitty things and we went to town pulling out every single project from the book. I have to be a bit more selective for my travels because it is a lot to carry but I will try and bring as much as possible. I think it is so fun to see the actual knitted samples from a book in person. I still remember being in New York City a couple of springs ago and getting to see the projects from Leigh Radford's One Skein being displayed at Purl. That was wonderful.
It is interesting for me to see what people gravitate towards. You never know what project will be the one that draws the most attention once people start knitting from the book. In itty bitty hats it was definitely the upside down daisy hat. Who knew?
Well, I saw a couple of knitting friends I hadn't seen for quite awhile which was great. I met some new knitters who were lovely and I got to catch up with Jackie. Jackie sent me home with a huge bouquet of flowers and she helped me load up my suitcase in the car. Thank you for everything, Jackie.
I especially love my sister who helped me set up and stayed for a bit. She is ever the supporter and she is filled with love. I wish I could bring her everywhere I go.
See you in Minnesota!
best, susie
p.s. I never like to complain but I am having some lower back problems (thus my sister dragging my suitcase around) so if you see me struggling along with my bags and you offer to help me out just know I will probably take you up on it! Ugh. I am hoping the back pain disappears as the tour goes on.


Denise said...

Oh I wish I could make it to one of your book signings. Plano is the closest to me, but it's still over 3 hours away I think, and I'm not sure if hubby would like me coming so far? It's my birthday the following week too, what a treat it would be for me if I could make it.
I have to confess, I sought out IBN in the book store yesterday while my daughter was in her gym class (I go there every week and browse the knitting magazines!) and there was one IBN on the shelf. I just had to look at it, I can't stand the waiting. I adore everything, I want to make EVERYTHING :-)
You've done a great job, and I really wish you well on your tour. Hope you have a fabulous time.

peaknit said...

What a great display! I hope to see it all in person at Lakeside! I sure hope your back feels better soon, I know how aggravating and difficult it can be. feel better! And congrats on your first book stop!

Leah said...

Any update on New York City? I hope you can make it; I have my calendar open! All your projects are just gorgeous.

Annie said...

Will you pleeeeease bring that tea set to Needlework Unlimited? I can't wait to see it and you!! Hope your back gets better.

Knitterella said...

Oh wow! How wonderful to be able to see all the samples in person! And what a cute shop! (wish I had a cute shop by me) Everything looks so great Susie. Good luck with the rest of your tour and hope your back gets better soon!

Safe travels!

Daphne said...

Hi Susan -- I must tell you my Itty Bitty Hats story. I moonlight at a lovely little yarn shop in Seattle, Hilltop Yarn Queen Anne, and when your book came in, my initial response was "A whole book of baby hats? Who needs a whole book of baby hats?" But of course I opened it up and, long story short, paid full price in order to take it home that night. I plan to pick up a copy of your new book right away.

And yes, I love seeing what people gravitate toward in the shop.

Good luck with your back.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I'm pretty sure Addison NEEDS everything in your book! What a wonderful display of fun things to knit! I am so glad I found your book this spring!! What a whole world it has opened up! (Any more exclamation points, and you're going to think I'm crazy.) I need to get your new book right away!!

And I hope your back is better soon--back problems stink.

yarntini said...

Oh no, I hope your back feels better soon! If I wasn't carrying a little bundle up front already I would totally volunteer to be your bag carrier :).

Thank you thank you thank you again for the book!!

sue said...

I loved looking at the photos of the displays. It is nice to see them at different angles. I have bought both of your books, and they are so happy and wonderful knits for babies. I dont know what to make first from either of them, although I do love the flower pacifier clip. The jacket with the circles and the bunny are just adorable, so thank you for designing such treasures.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Susie, I finally got your book tonight at Barnes & Noble--the last copy. I am in big, big trouble. I'm afraid nothing's going to get done around here, because I'm pretty sure I need to make several of the projects right this minute. I hope my family doesn't want clean laundry or meals for a while :)

I didn't think I'd ever find a knitting book I loved as much as ibh, but ibn has put me over the edge. What a fantastic job you did! I love it!! (If you couldn't already tell from the gushing.)

catknitz said...

I love those pillows with the concentric squares. Is the pattern from your new book, Itty Bitty Nursery? If not, do you know where it is from?
I have been enjoying reading your blog and I love Itty Bitty Hats. I read a lot of knitting books, but when I picked yours up and studied the patterns I could tell there was something different going on.
Keep up the great design work!!!

Susan said...

Hi Catknitz,
Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, that pillow pattern is in itty-bitty nursery. I like that one, too!