Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hi Knitters,
The Foliage hat is already being worn to school today. You can see the lace pattern more clearly after a light blocking and with a head inside! It is a chilly morning, only in the 40's, a good hat-wearing day, indeed.
I have two quick tour updates for you. The October 2nd Knitting Tree event is being rescheduled to a later date. I'll keep you posted as that gets set.
There is another east coast stop that has been added. On November 12th I will be at the Black Sheep in Needham, MA. I'd like to thank Alison for helping us set that up. More information on that will be coming soon.
Have a good Wednesday.
best, susie
p.s. I will get that picot edging tutorial posted by the end of the week.


Mandi said...

That hat is beautiful! I have a question on your Painted Turtle hat from your book. My mother and law and I have both tried to crochet the turtles for the hat and both of us are ending up with the tail in the wrong place. It's coming up 2 stitches behind the leg instead of the middle back of the turtle. Any suggestions on what we could be doing wrong?

Thank you for your help!

Susan said...

Hi Mandi,
I just rechecked that pattern and it should work out okay. You can place the tail anywhere so without seeing what you are doing, I would say just move the tail to the spot where it should be. Place the head and feet and then do the chain 4 where the tail should be. That's my best guess for you and I hope it works. It is a cute hat!
Good luck.

Cinnamonamon said...

I just returned from *visiting* your book at the store! It's wonderful & I'll definitely be adding this to my soon as dh isn't watching... ;)

Seriously, though -- your mobile is my absolute favorite; it's exquisite (and at the same time, totally "do-able")!

Denise said...

Just want to say hi :-) thanks for the answer to the nose ?! I haven't started it yet, hopefully will get it finished tomorrow. Can't wait for the picot tutorial.
So is your book due out on Oct 1st? I preordered from Amazon and it's still showing it won't be delivered to me until at least oct 12 :( I can't wait!
Love the hats btw.
Hugs Denise

Susan said...

I think amazon received an early shipment from the Workman warehouse and has already sold through them because now it is back on pre-order.

Denise said...

Well I'm hoping they ship one early to me then, and I'll get a huge surprise pretty soon;)
I need to update my knitting blog, but I post usually daily at
I'll have some more hat pics to post soon.

Jimberlys said...

Hi Susan,

Great hat. I am looking for a pattern for a snowboarding hat for my son. I know you have boys...any suggestions? I am trying to find something to keep myself busy as I wait impatiently for my copy of "Itty Bitty Nursery"! I've had it ordered since June!

I so enjoy you website. Please keep it up. The Marley Hat topper tutorial was a life saver for me!

Hege said...

Beautiful hat! I musy make one myself ;)
Have a great weekend :)