Thursday, September 06, 2007

Monsters, Cookies and a Fairy

Hi Knitters,
Last night I finished the second monster hat by Insubordiknit.
It turned out great and this time around I had just the right amount of yarn with a tiny bit left. I made the smallest size on the pattern that came with the kit using US size 11 needles. I used my own decrease sequence for the top. The handspun yarn was pure fun to knit. What a great little kit. Snatch one up if you find one available.
My sweet friend once again left a gift bag of iced apple sugar cookies on my doorstep yesterday morning. I took this picture before the kids got home from school. They were gone in a flash. It is so touching, beyond words. She quietly sets the gift on the front step with no note, no fanfare, so humble, so thoughtful. She's a rarity and I am flooded with gratitude.
In that first shot of the cookies I left out the fairy next to the plate and then I reconsidered. Isn't that cute? She is named Clarice. Drawing fairies and eating apple cookies is a good way to end any day.
Have a glorious weekend.
best, susie


Adrienne said...

Very cute!!! And those cookies look SO good!!! Hope you are having a good weekend!

peaknits said...

What a great pair of hats - I really would like to try some chunky handspun! The cookies look so glad - you're lucky to have such a wonderful neighbor and you appreciate her so much - surely you must be a good neighbor right back! :) I wonder what she gets on her front step?

Martina said...

Love the hats! I am drooling just looking at the cookies!

Denise said...

Cute hats! Delicious looking cookies :-)
I've just been adding some pics to my daily diary, it's hats knit from your book but using my 'stash' (until I can get to the LYS). Hop on over and take a peek if you get a chance.
my link is:

Knitterella said...

Great hats! Look like fun knits too. Plus the little appliqué monster is so cute.

Hey, I've got a tutorial suggestion. How about one on the picot edging you have on your Pink Paper Bag hat? I'm knitting this hat for the second time and although my edging turns out cute I'm not sure I'm totally doing it right.

Just a thought :)


ScrapHappy said...

Those apple cookies are is your "fruit warmer." :)
Love the videos on the blog, great idea! It's so fun to see what you're up to even though I don't always comment.
Can't wait to see the new book!