Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Attraction Coming Soon

Hi Knitters,
My son has convinced me to add a new feature to my blog. He is getting really into this stuff. I am going to start making some of my patterns available for purchase directly from my blog through paypal. I am still going to have the occasional free pattern available and I have a lot of tutorials in the works for knitting techniques that are used in Itty-Bitty Nursery. The bear sweater from page 81 in Itty-Bitty Hats is going to be the first pattern I make available. It will be sent to you in pdf form for you to print out.
I have received so many requests for this pattern that I felt I should write it up and get it out there.
I can't promise exactly when the pattern will be ready for several reasons. The first being that the pattern is currently written all over frog post-its. The other reasons are that my son and I are setting up paypal (that's not going smoothly at all) and we are figuring out how to get the pattern in the right format to send to you. As soon we get everything in place you'll find it here. If you have any tips about any of this be sure to let me know.
I have a couple more patterns in the works like a cute handbag (it is a mix of knitting and crochet) and some more knitted toys. Well, I have 8 kids running around in my house right now and there is a wild thunderstorm going on outside so it might be a wise choice for me to go.


peaknits said...

Your son is a savvy businessman in the making - what a great idea! I just love this darling little sweater. I hope to locate supplies to make one of those neat mosaic flowerpots - well, have my girls make one for grandparent's day - that is :) Thanks for the limitless inspiration!

Vicki Knitorious said...

Looking forward to the new features! I've had a similar PayPal headache. Boo-hiss to all that mumbo-jumbo -- it's usually made to look harder than it really is, but separating the meat from the potatoes is difficult.

Knitterella said...

Yeah Susan! I'm so glad! I think you will have success with the new feature too!

Love that sweater. So glad it's going to be available. I made the Rose Bud hat in those colors and the cardi would be soooo cute with it! Thanks in advance!

I just did paypal charts to my Knitterella site. It took a good day to figure it out but once I did it was easy. You have to know a little about html code but you can alway call them, they have a great customer support base. - I never did the down load pdf purchase thing though but it's probably the same sort of concept.

Good luck!!!

amy said...

What wonderful news. I have actually e-mailed you previously for this exact pattern.
I love your blog and all of your knitting patterns. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of your new book.

Adrienne said...

Oh wonderfuL! I love that pattern!!!! Is it time for The next book already!!!?? YAY!!

dorothee said...

Sounds like an interesting new feature ;-)
Can't wait till Itty-Bitty Nursery publishes in Germany!

Betz White said...

Great idea! It's nice to have in-house tech support, too. :)

Annie said...

I am a beginner knitter and your book has totally inspired me even though I really don't have a lot of babies to knit for but everything is so darn cute I can't help myself. I am working on my 3rd hat from your book and I can't wait to see the new release. (I've got it preordered from Amazon) I hope to meet you in October in Mpls for the book signing.

Denise said...

Hi Susan, I just received your Itty Bitty Hat book from Amazon today - I just lurrrrrv it :-) I can't wait for your new one to come out, which I pre-ordered.
I don't know what to knit first, but I do know a trip to my lys is in store next week to stock up on some yarn so I can get started on one of them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now this is exciting! Can't wait.

: )