Friday, July 06, 2007


Hi Knitters,
Well, here it is one last time. I finished the seams and lining yesterday. Vogue On the Go series, Bags Two is a great little book, but this bag is by far my favorite. The designer is Sima Brason Ferraro and she does an excellent job.
The lining took me most of the day working off and on. I have a sewing machine but it is not at my house right now. It is a long story. Needless to say I sewed everything by hand which I like to do anyway but it is time consuming.
You cover a heavy piece of cardboard for a bottom insert. I like this feature because it helps give the bag structure.
I chose the dotted fabric because I thought it carried the bobble theme right on to the inside of the bag. The instructions for the lining are crystal clear, very precise.
It really reminds me of candy, light, fluffy, whipped sugar. Yum!
Lovin' the magnetic snap, too. I ordered this from here awhile ago, not with this bag in mind though. It is fun when you just have things on hand when you need them.
The handle is the best part. I can't stand a knitted handle that stretches out as you use the bag. Sima has the perfect solution. You cover a piece of plastic needlepoint mesh with fabric. Then whipstitch it onto the underside of the handle.
Then you have the knitted handle but it has strength and will keep its intended shape.
This will be the perfect little knitting bag for socks or hats or mittens or toys. It is so fun to have a new knitted bag, right? I may just have to throw out a "wa-la" on this one. It is just that good.
I can't wait to put this sweet little bag to use. You should try this pattern out. You won't be disappointed, guaranteed!
I hope everyone is having a nice summer so far. It is going fast. My sister lives in a beautiful, huge old house on Lake Monona in Madison. It is a summer retreat and we spend every 4th of July over there for a cookout with my family. The kids have an absolute blast together. Then my brother-in-law takes us out on the lake in the boat for fireworks viewing. We can see 3 different shows at the same time from the lake.
Their trampoline is always more fun with water balloons thrown in the mix.
I passed off the candle lighting duties this time. Here is my 4th of July baby, well 5th of July actually. She turned 11 yesterday.
She glows like a ripe peach. She's a good squeeze, too, and we love her so.
best, susie


peaknits said...

First Happy Birthday to your Peach! And I love the bag - very clever pose on the cake stand - it looks like something sweet and sugary!

Knitterella said...

Great bag!!! I might just have to buy that book for that pattern alone. The tips for the cardboard wrapped in fabric for bottom and plastic mesh covered in fabric for the handle are awesome! I too hate a stretchy knitted handle.

What a lovely local for the 4th - just beautiful!

Happy Birthday to your girl!

dorothee said...

Wow, a cute bag even cuter!
Happy Birthday to your Independence Day girl!

Betz White said...

I want to eat that bag.

I think I'd also like to be adopted into your family.

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Now that is an adorable bag! Way beyond my skills right now (WAY beyond), but definitely something to shoot for! And I have to add that I love the planter to the left of it--what is that?

Happy Birthday to your girl! So sweet :)

Adrienne said...

Happy Bday to your Peach! That bag is VERY, VERY cute!!!!!

susan b anderson said...

That planter is a rock or more like a sandstone that has been carved out as a planter. A good friend of mine gave that to me with shamrock planted in it and I added some impatiens for the summer.
p.s. While I'm here, Betz, we'd love to have you then you wouldn't move so far away.

toya said...

awww, love the bag and your "peach" is so beautiful, I know you are proud

Mary Fern said...

Hello S - Just checking out your blog and glad I have an opportunity to communicate with you - I bought Itty Bitty Hats and talked with you a bit at the book fair in Lexington, KY. I told you then I had never attempted knitting in the round and you very kindly signed my book 'Go for it!'. Wanted to let you know that (with the help of my very skilled knitting sister) I did just that and am on my third little hat. They are SO cute and make up so quickly/easily AND they are ready to go when you finish! Figured you'd enjoy hearing about how a small interaction in your busy schedule resulted in real positive change - best to you and your family.

susan b anderson said...

Hi Mary Fern (love that name),
Thanks for the nice note. It is an author's dream to hear a story like that! I am glad you took that next step. Thanks for sharing.

silvia said...

the ag is beautifulst, very appeals to to the coupling with the covering inteno.Complimenti to me!

Beth said...

Hi Susan,
Sima is a dear friend of mine and she sweated bullets over finishing that bag so it would keep its shape and have structure, not to meantion the instructions so that they would be clear and easy to follow. She will LOVE to read your comments and to see what you did with the yarn and fabric, so I will forward this to her. I can't knit worth a bean (I'm a quilter) but I know she's working on some new stuff.... so keep your eyes out for future designs!

Sima Brason Ferraro said...

Hello to everyone who commented on Confection. Your comments are so inspiring.

I designed this bag based on childhood memories from both my Mother and Grandmother.

I love knitting and designing. It makes my heart happy.

I am currently working on my site.

Sima Brason Ferraro