Friday, June 08, 2007

1 Vesper Down, 11 To Go

Hi Knitters,
Look it matches the morning paper. I finished my first Vesper Sweet Water sock. I love it. This is great yarn, and I have 6 skeins of Vesper in my possession, in different colors of course. I know I am lucky. So I figure I will be knitting a total of 12 socks with Vesper yarn and I have only finished one sock so far. I will share as I go. I'll be starting the matching sock to this one later today.
When I finish a sock I always put it on immediately, fresh off the needles. This is a thrill for me every time. There is something so motivating about finishing a project.

I used size 2 dpns and let the yarn do all of the work for this simple stockinette sock with a heel flap. Oh well, can't wait until I have a pair.
A couple of years ago I made two mosaic pots. This is my favorite mosaic project and I have made many of these tiny pots to give as gifts. Anyway this particular pot I grouted with some pre-made grout from Michael's. I had never tried this before, I have always mixed my own grout. I was so disappointed with the pre-made stuff. It was gooey and too sticky for me. I had a hard time working with it. I couldn't even get the grout cleaned off of the pot very well.
I was going to throw the two pots out in the trash, but instead I put them out in my backyard. They sat out through a year or two of harsh weather and one of them broke. Now I absolutely love this remaining tiny pot. I think it looks great and I am so glad I saved it. Some of the tiles and things have fallen off, but this year I am going to plant in it and set it out.
Some things just get better with age.
best, susie
p.s. I did an interview with a new crafting podcast a couple of nights ago. It is called Inspirational Wednesday. It will be available June 13. The show is available through itunes. I'll give more details later.


peaknits said...

ooooh, nice sock! I would like to see the rest of this Vesper - show me the stash:) And the pot is really funky - funny how just a couple years can lend a "new set of eyes" to a project - it has aged perfectly. All of this neat tiling you;ve done is inspiring me to give this a go! Thanks for sharing.

Can't wait hear your next podcast! I'm off to Madison now!

dorothee said...

The sock colors remind me of ice cream, the heavily colored type... hmmm... now I want some ice cream :-)

Cindy UK said...

I love the little pot, it really inspired me to do something with all those old bits and pieces hanging around the garden/house.

I'm heading for the grout now!

Jill said...

Love the sock, great colors!

Your mosaic pots are so cute (I remember seeing others on your blog). What great gifts too.

I took a broken mirror and mosaiced (I think I just invented a word!) it to a switch plate, it was pretty cool. I need to make more and I want to try your pots, they are really cute! Love how you have words in them.

Jill said...

Oh, and let us know about the podcast - I really enjoyed the one you did with Craftsanity

Kathy said...


I have a great idea. Can you make a pot and use it for a knitting prize? I want to win one. Anyone would. Put the word knit on it or something. Please. Have a contest.

susan b anderson said...

Oooh, me running a contest? I have never even thought about that. That could be kind of fun.