Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lost Again

Hi Knitters,
Well, the saga with my camera continues. My boys and my husband went to a Brewers game on Friday night and they took my camera along. When I asked where my camera was no one had any idea. My sons thought my husband had it and vice versa.
To make a long story short, it was left in the cup holder in row four behind the plate at the Miller park. My husband called the Brewers lost and found and they kindly are sending it back to us. That is pretty remarkable. In the mean time we started researching new cameras. I have been wanting a better camera for a long time. Even though I am getting my old camera back, we splurged on a new one today. We got a new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9. I haven't figured it out quite yet, but my son took these shots tonight.
A little progress has been made on the Vesper Sweet Water sock. I am on the heel and I am loving the yarn.
This is a new book project I am working on with some Manos and a wee bit of simple fair isle. The flower at the top is sitting on my kitchen table. A sweet friend gave it to me for helping her knit her first baby hat, not necessary but appreciated.
It's bedtime at our house.
Good night.
best, susie


Mandy said...

My husband is currently borrowing a camera that he likes from a friend... so I figure we'll end up with a new one soon.

I didn't post the other day, but the hat on the baby was too adorable. I love the idea of delivering them on flower pots. I may just steal that!

peaknits said...

Your Vesper sock is coming along nicely! I love the yarn too!

Aren't new cameras awesome! I just got my Canon Rebel- I am nervous to pull it out in public because it looks so "professional" which I am not - I have a lot of homework to do:) Have fun!