Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Charlotte

Hi Knitters,
Finally I got around to finishing up this blanket for beautiful baby Charlotte, who was born in January. Charlotte is the daughter of the photographer for itty-bitty hats and itty-bitty nursery. She had a baby during the work for both of the books, two babies, two books.
I finished embroidering her name on the edge this morning and I will pop it in the mail tomorrow. The yarn is Manos Cotton Stria. A storm is brewing outside so the colors look a bit more muted than they actually are. I used size 6 needles and made 5 strips that I later stitched together. Then I picked up and knitted a picot edging in white. Easy, easy.
Even if she is almost 6 months old, you can use a blanket any old time, right? Or maybe I should say, better late than never!
Here is another site to check out. This one is loads of fun, so much to see.
best, susie


peaknits said...

GORGEOUS!! Lucky Charlotte! What a neat blanket - you say simple - I say very awesome and inovative!

Allena said...

that blanketis awesome! I love the name, it's so beautiful. I think it will be cherished. i'm sure she'll use it till she's older.

Lisa L said...

Beautiful beautiful blanket!

Liz said...

i jumped about eighty fences to get to you and this is BEAUTIFUL. any chance you're willing to make another one for sale? (for me?)

just askin' =)