Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweet Weekend

Hi Knitters!

I love these wintery weekends, so sweet and cozy. The fire was going last night, and everyone was around. The travel outside was treacherous, icy, snowy, blowy. We had pizza for dinner, no cooking for me. It was just one of those nights. It was good to be home, together.

Since March has arrived I have started thinking about the embellishment class I am teaching in a few short weeks. I started knitting up some samples for that. I am still trying to decide what to include and what to leave out. It is a 2 hour class and I like to pack in as much as possible. I think I will start with some demo stuff and then let people make choices about what they would like to work on. I like the class to be flexible so everyone learns something new they will actually use after the class. I will give lots of options for sure.
Last night I was dying for some candy to eat, but this had to do instead. This game makes me want to knit candy. Hmmmm...

I hope you are having your own sweet weekend with the people you love.

best, susie


peaknits said...

I just love your yummy cupcake! I have been meaning to make one up frm Leigh Radford's One Skein! Maybe I'll use your post as a spring board to get a move on!

I want to eat your game.:)

Peace Sweet Peas said...

The cupcake is so adorable! My problem with the rosebuds was definetly that I wasn't pulling them tight enough or rolling them tight enough either. They ended up quite big - but so did the hat so they balance each other not bad. I'm working on another and finished a pumpkin hat yesterday. Pics on my blog. I'm loving the itty bitty hats! When can we expect your new book?