Sunday, February 11, 2007

Work, Work, and a Little Banff

Hi Knitters!

Here's one you'll want to make, and love to make. It's Banff by Jenna Wilson from the always wonderful I ran across this when looking through the archives and realized I had a boatload of the suggested yarn just sitting in my studio. It was leftover from my yarn shop that closed, as is much of the yarn I use for sweater projects. Odds and ends of this and that made it home with me to fill my studio. The yarn is Tahki Soho Bulky Tweed and it is delightful to knit with. This hearty tweed is filled with life and color and heft. Talk about a fast knit, this is it. Within a few short days I completed Banff. Don't just walk, run to your needles to make this sweater. I think this is my new favorite and I may have to make it again at some point.

Banff is cleverly designed and is all about proportion. The design is perfect for a petite person who wants to wear a bulky oversized sweater. If you look at the model on knitty you will see what I mean. The lengths of the sleeves and body are great although my favorite part is the cut of the sleeve. The ribbed cuff is slightly belled. I roll them up, just one fold when I need my hands for work. When I keep them down, I can't explain it, this sweater makes me feel so snuggly. The sleeves cover my hands to my knuckles, and usually I can't stand this, but this sweater makes you feel like grabbing a hot cocoa and a book and heading for the couch for a good long lounging session. I love it.

Here's what I am doing while wearing my Banff and it isn't lounging and it isn't snuggly. I am editing my proofs for book #2. It is so exciting to see what the pages are going to look like, it is a first glimpse at how things are going to come together. The same book designer and photographer are being used as on Itty-Bitty. I am pleased as punch! This book is the apple of my eye, a fantasy knitting book come true. I can't wait to share more. The book is set to be released in October 2007, which seems like a long time away, but there is much to be done before then.
My work table is a silly conglomeration of things I have collected. Some of these pieces are decoupaged on (mod podge of course!) and some I just slide under a plastic desk protector that is on top of the table. I save concert tickets, postcards, photos, subway passes, hotel keycards, cards, magazine pictures, etc., anything that strikes my fancy. Plain surfaces are hard to come by over here. I don't find it distracting but rather comforting instead.

As Simon Cowell likes to say, "Off you go!" That's exactly what I need to do! The editing is waiting.

best, susie


Sarah said...

I love your sweater. Actually been thinking of knitting that myself... I just may have to now.

Lisa L said...

I love that sweater - I'm going to go look at that pattern again - I remember liking it the first time I saw it and just didn't follow up on it!

Faith said...

Very cute sweater! You need to post a pic of you modeling it though. =)

I have a question about the Rosebud Hat: In Basic Hat 1 and Bunny Tail Hat, the newborn size says to cast on 64 and knit for 5-1/2" before decreases. In Rosebud it says to cast on 56 and knit for 5". Is that a typo, or was there a reason to make that one a little smaller?

susan b anderson said...

Hi Faith!
You could go to 5 or 5 1/2 inches. The half inch could have been a typo but either length is just fine! Sorry for any confusion on that. I'd love to see the hat when you are done.

Are you having a girl or is that unknown?

Hope you are well! susan

susan b anderson said...

Oh no Faith, I misread your question. Let me try again. That was not a typo. I made the rosebud hat smaller because of the weight of the roses on top of the hat, a slightly tighter fit will make the hat sit better on the baby's head. That makes more sense! Sorry about that, again. susan

Faith said...

Thanks for your speedy response!

Ok. I will make the next size up anyway then, since I already have the hat mostly knit, and also because this way it will fit baby for longer. I'd rather it be just a bit too big at first.

No, I don't know the gender of my baby yet, but enough of my friends are having girls, so all will not be lost. =)

I will definitely post pics on my blog. I'm spinning the wool for the flowers though, so it'll be a little while before it's done.