Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Little This, A Little That

Hi Knitters!

When I pick up my girls from school I always grab something to knit while I am sitting in the car waiting. Yesterday I was running late so as I ran out the door I grabbed these two skeins of Vesper Sock Yarn. The entire 10 minutes I sat waiting I admired this yarn, read the labels several times, breathed in the colors, and squeezed it in my hands. It kept me very occupied. Oh well, I thought it was pretty funny how looking at yarn can leave my mind pretty satisfied. I am easily entertained. The much sought-after Vesper is even more beautiful than I imagined and I can't wait to start working with it. The names are wonderful, too, Midnight Knitter and Meteor, so dreamy!
One more happy skein of yarn to talk about is this Sunshine Yarns in the Fiesta colorway. Dani designed this yarn when she saw Alison knit the Manos Cotton Stria Stripey hat from Itty-Bitty. She loved the colors so much that she designed a yarn colorway that incorporated the Cotton Stria colors. I feel so connected to this skein of yarn in a round about way, I just had to have some. To have a yarn inspired by one of your designs is so much fun. Dani has many other beautiful yarns on her etsy shop, so check it out. Fiesta!!!
I am knitting a bit as I am trying to finish up my editing, but not much. This is a future book project so I can't share too much. It is a fun one though.
This is the Breathmint Sknitches started up. I looove it!
My girls made these beautiful little mosaic tiles with some of my mosaic junk. This is a great and easy project for kids, no grouting, just cramming (my mosaic style of choice) with a little mosaic glue. I put felt pads on the bottom and if the tiles are flat enough these make great coasters. It is a perfect grandma or teacher gift, too.

I must carry on!
best, susie


Sarah said...

Your much anticipated package is in the mail. Let me know when you get it -enjoy! Sarah

Jill said...

Hi Susan,

I absolutely love your Itty-Bitty Hats book! I carry it my knitting bag all the time and am a big promoter of it. Love making the hats for gifts and just for fun! They are so wonderful and I get many Oooos and Ahhhs. And especailly love it when they say, "Where did you buy that because I must have one!?"

As I'm always surfing the net for anything knit I though, I bet Susan has some kind of website or blog and sure enough you do! :) It's now one of my bookmarks.

I do have a question to ask you and I'd rather email you personally. Would you mind emailing me at knitterella@knitterella.com?

Thank you!

peaknits said...

A post FULL of goodies today! I love your Vesper Yarn, I have one skein that I too covet!! I can almost smell your minty socks! Gorgeous! And I am soon inspired to do some mosaic - I would love to emulate your past post of your backsplash! Great mosaic projects for kids today! Take care!

peaknits said...

A post FULL of goodies today! I love your Vesper yarns - I have a skein I covet as well!! I can almost smell the freshness of you minty socks! And I am going to be inspired to do some mosaics - maybe I could attempt to emmulate your nifty backsplash from a prior post? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

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