Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Don't Get It

Hi Knitters!

I don't get the knitted underwear thing...

I have an open mind and a sense of humor toward new ideas, new practicalities, new designs, but this thing with the naughty needles and so forth is funny to me. You know how Faith Hill said, "Whaaaaat?" into the camera at that awards show? That's how I feel about the knitted underwear and other weird knitted accessories that are in a couple of new books out there. Just plain old, really? Even books with patterns for knitted bikinis puzzle me. This is making me laugh.

I totally get the whole punk movement and knitting. Punk is a lifestyle of expression through clothing and style. Punk means to take something and make it your own, different from anyone else. Knitting is the perfect means to creating your own style however you see it. I get it.

I know that there is a following for knitted underwear or lingerie because these books are doing pretty well in the rankings. There is such a broad spectrum of knitters out there. It is pretty fascinating, really.

Go figure and to each his or her knitted own! There is room for everyone in my knitting world, so knit on.

Peace, Love and Knit (even underwear)!

best, susie


Betz White said...

what? no underwear photo? :)

ScrapHappy said...

Okay, I am so with you on this.

I'm listening to podcasts as I cruise my blog lists, and on the current one, they're talking about knitted underwear. No comprendo!!!!

I also have nightmares of the crocheted bikinis my mom made for my sis and me when we were young in the 70s... The itchy shiny squeaky acrylic yarn stretched as soon as it hit the water, and droopy drawers were had by all. ;)


Maxentia de Beauvais said...

As a child I had a knitted bikini. Couldn't go near the water with it, it became twice the size when wet.

Karen said...

Yeah, I can't see myself ever wanting to wear knitted underwear or bikinis. And for all the time that goes into a hand-knit item, you can bet I want it to be something I will wear!! :)