Sunday, December 17, 2006

Snowman Factory

Hi Knitters!
The snowman factory is closed and all of the workers are exhausted. A friend of mine first made a version of these snowmen many years ago. Here is a step-by-step recap of our snowman excitement.
stick pretzels
peach rings
chocolate kisses
fruit by the foot
mini chocolate chips
white frosting
white rainbow rounds (melted to cover the marshmallows)
long sucker sticks
wax paper
The white rainbow rounds and the long sucker sticks I had to purchase at a baking/candy making specialty shop called The Vanilla Bean. Everything else I picked up at the grocery store.
Have the kids push three marsmallows onto the sucker sticks, and make sure they are close together. Melt the white rainbow rounds in a shallow dish in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Roll the marshmallows on the sticks in the melted white chocolate until completely covered, let the excess drip off. Place on wax paper. Before hardening quickly place the mini chocolate chips to make eyes and a mouth and buttons. Truly, the kids can do all of this on their own.
Using the frosting as glue, place a peach ring and kiss on the top for a hat. Gently push 2 pretzel sticks in for the arms. Cut the fruit by the foot in 8-inch lengths and then cut in half lengthwise to make the scarf skinnier. Wrap the scarf around the neck and squeeze together to hold in place.
I know the snowman is blurry, but so am I!
Snowman mission accomplished.
best, susie

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Karen said...

Those are so cute!! What a wonderful idea.